On-site Interpretation

Innovative | Convenient | Cost-Effective

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) brings in-person interpreting into the digital age, offering the advantages of face-to-face language service with the convenience of connecting through computer-based video-conferencing software.

Combining the convenience of telephonic interpretation with the advantages of on-site interpretation, Video Remote Interpreting uses web-based video conferencing software to connect you to your Limited English Proficiency patients and participants. This cutting-edge language service is cost-effective and secure, providing you another way to offer the highest quality patient care and customer service.

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“I’ve had several great experiences with MINT… thanks for ALL you guys do as a company, I truly appreciate working with all of you!”

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On-Site Interpretation

On-Site Interpretation

Prompt | Professional | Personal

Face-to-face interpreting services for medical appointments, physical therapy, mental health services, community & business meetings, community health consultations, legal hearings, and more.

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On Demand Interpreting


Quick | On Demand | Now!

On Demand telephonic and Video services are a quick way for you and the LEP persons you work with to connect, share updates, make and confirm appointments, plan follow-up care, and coordinate services.

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Document Translation

Document Translation

Accurate | Affordable | Expert

Translators use their expertise as native speakers of the target language, combined with the latest software tools, to produce culturally-sensitive and fully accurate translations of documents and websites

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Remote Interpreting

Video & Telephonic

Video & Telephonic Interpreting

Innovative | Convenient | Cost-Effective

Schedule interpreting both over the phone and video. Remote interpreting allows you to connect with your clients at a distance, offering the advantages of face-to-face language service over a device or the convenience of simply using your phone.

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Additional Language Services

Additional Language Services

Innovative | Customized | Cost-Effective

MINT Language Services also include conference interpreting, audio-to-text transcription, bilingual message relay, and fully customized language service solutions for your special projects.

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