At MINT our mission is to empower people, through the use of language and culture, to ensure accurate communication and clear understanding.

We are committed to values of Service, Education, Empowerment and Community Development (SEED). We believe that by giving back to our communities through unique partnerships with people and organizations that share our values, we grow valuable relationships and empower everyone involved.

SEED Projects are one of the ways we give back to our communities. We know that not every person who needs language services can afford to pay for them. Not every community group or nonprofit organization has the resources to provide language services to their LEP participants. Working with community partners who share our values, MINT identifies opportunities to provide pro bono or reduced-cost language services each month. These projects are our way of planting seeds for future success and development of our communities.

Learn more about MINT’s SEED Projects, and find news and updates about interpreting, translating, and our multicultural communities below.


June 3rd, 2019|

Thank you for helping MINT to provide "pro bono" language services to plant seeds of [...]