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Our MINT Interpreters and Translators Team

MINT interpreters and translators are a team of 600+ people, 95% of whom are native speakers of one or more target language, who are motivated by the meaningful difference they make in the lives of LEP people.

Many of them specialize in medical interpreting, working in clinics, hospitals, and rehabilitation centers to ensure clear communication between health care providers and LEP patients. MINT interpreters are particularly skilled at coordinating services for injured workers in collaboration with Qualified Rehabilitation Consultants (QRCs).

Others specialize in legal interpreting and translation, providing language services for immigration hearings, adoption cases, and custody disputes, for example.

Still others specialize in community interpreting for businesses, nonprofit organizations, and social service agencies, interpreting at employee trainings, community meetings, education conferences, and more.

José Tori Maguiña, EdD


Dr. Tori Maguiña earned his doctorate in educational leadership at Bethel University. He is also a graduate of the Metropolitan Economic Development Association (MEDA) Streetwise MBA program for minority business owners. A leader in the Twin Cities’ Spanish-speaking community, he is currently president of Latino Youth Development Collaborative (LYDC), a grassroots nonprofit supporting parents and families to close the educational achievement gap and foster advocacy and leadership skills. Himself a community interpreter and entrepreneur, Dr. Tori Maguiña is committed to engaged partnership with MINT clients and the communities they serve.

MINT Leadership Team

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Marketing & Communications

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Amy K. Griffiths

Human Resources

The MINT Advisory Council

In early 2016, MINT’s owner/founder José Tori Maguiña invited 8 of MINT’s best interpreters and translators to gather together and share their wisdom about the challenges and rewards of being professional language service providers. Recognizing that work as an independent contractor can be isolating for interpreters and translators, his initial goal was to provide a sense of community and professional connection for members of the MINT interpreters and translators team. That first gathering planted a seed of something even bigger.

The meeting was so successful that additional members were invited to join, and the focus shifted from primarily building community to inviting suggestions, observations, and insights: the MINT Advisory Council was formed. Now meeting quarterly, the MINT Advisory Council is a forum for the MINT team to become thought leaders in the language services industry. These leaders contribute perspectives and expertise that help MINT grow, and helps us, together, to empower even more people.

We’d love to get to know you and learn more about your language service needs.

Ready to learn more?

Ready to learn more?